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    It's time for a new conversation to arise. Food is energy. Food is love. If you care about where your food comes from, why wouldn't you want a happy person making your food?
    If you are too busy to cook, there is another alternative. 
    Imagine farm-to-table goodness prepared in your kitchen. Memorable, healthy and delicious meals with family and friends. Balance your energy and boost your health. Rejuvenate and recalibrate your body temple in a way so that what you put into your body becomes a lifestyle. 
    For people who are on a healing journey with foods. After experiencing a significant life event such as birth of a child or surgery, we are often called to shift our relationship with food. Whether you are following a Paleo, Autoimmune Protocol, Gluten Free or Whole 30 for the first time, we want to show you how you can create densely nutritious meals without feeling deprived. 
    For families with young children, we want to share our magic in the kitchen with your nannies and domestic help. Say goodbye to chicken fingers and processed foods, we will create easy to follow menu plans with wholesome organic ingredients. 
    Good, clean, food. Densely nourishing and loving! 



    Claire Chew

    I grew up with five-course, home-cooked meals every night. My mother would have made Julia Child proud. Her simple, abundant, clean way of cooking rubbed off on me, as I cooked my way through college for private families and cafes. After a career in graphic design/product design (Luxepets), I came back to my original calling. I believe food made from love is different. Today, I help people re-frame their relationship from food into one that is filled with love and healing.

  • Private Chefs for special diets, team building, retreats and other events


    "In the choice to let go of your known way of being, the whole world is revealed to your new eyes."


    I specialize in providing nourishing,clean,food that awakens all of your senses. I strongly believe there is an energetics behind what we put into our body, and what/how we nourish our body ripples out into how productive we are with our work, our personal life and being present with our family. I am passionate about conscious food preparation and cooking instruction. Made with love, one dish at a time.



    With the arrival of my daughter, it filled me with inspiration to add kid-friendly meals to my culinary repertoire. As I conversed with other busy moms, I would always hear about their daily concerns. They mentioned how at times, they might be too busy to cook well-prepared meals for the family, or they wished their dear nannies would know how to provide a nutritious, balanced meals for the children they cared for. Hearing their concerns, it motivated me to launch hands-on cooking lessons. It is possible to watch an DIY video on YouTube or read a recipe but when it comes down to actually create the dish, it can be daunting. In class, we actually do the prepping, chopping, measuring and sautéing together. There's always time for Q&A at the end of each lesson as we sit down to savor our end results and put together a menu plan for your family.




    Looking for a creative way to build creative collaboration and developing a renewed sense of team camaraderie and support? Let us customize and build a mindful team building cooking session for your next offsite retreat.






    We work with Food Allergies and Dietary Restrictions
    -Paleo Diet
    -Gluten Free
    -Autoimmune Protocol
    -AIP Paleo
    -Diet/Illness Recovery

    -Life coaching to help shift the perspective from "depriving" to "thriving"

    How we are available as a Private Chef:


    -Coaching to help you empty your pantry and re-fill it with nutritional foods that serves your body.

    -Shopping trips to Whole Foods, Santa Monica Co-op, Farmers Market and taking baskets of goodies home to create a weekly menu that suits your lifestyle.

    -Mindful coaching sessions to co-create new ways to nourish your family creatively (for seasoned home cooks)

    -Group cooking lessons for you and a group of your friends







  • Kayman

    Urban Chef LA's Sous Chef in Training
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    "I had a beef about eating chicken. BIG TIME. I admit, I thought chicken worse than tofu. Then Claire came along. In two hours she whipped up a week's worth of organic, delicious and SIMPLE food that I, the perpetual Takeout Queen, was able to replicate. Now I cook chicken every week - it's my new specialty! Claire not only gave me the specific tools and recipes, but took me shopping, brought her spitfire girlfriend energy into my kitchen, charmed my dog, and even introduced me to the best mascara ever. It's like cooking with your oldest gal pal who is both hip and nurturing, hilarious and warm. If I could, I would have her cook-over every day." -Sophia Chang, Pasadena-


    "I've wanted to do something like this for a while, but have been skeptical of some services out there. Urban Chef-LA is natural. They use organic ingredients and their meals are made for people who love food. It's super flavorful. I also like that I am able to choose based on my favorite foods and meals versus picking from a pre-set menu. My schedule is busy right now and they make it so easy for us to eat well--custom-made, healthy and delicious." - Lisa Grech-Smith, Santa Monica -


    "I am still thinking about the healthy lasagna from last week. I can't believe it was low-fat and gluten free. The food Claire prepares is full of love, and I have never eaten more vegetables." - Cheron Wynne, Torrance -



     What a terrific way to finish a family gathering! Your food, presentation and kindness were just we ordered. We will see you soon! -The Segars Family, Cheviot Hills



    "I love Urban Chef-LA services when I know I am going to have a full work week or a dinner party. She uses fresh, organic and gluten free menus." -Gwen Dittmar, West Los Angeles -




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